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Art of Timekeeping: A Closer Look at Qlock Two Clocks


At ModernFurnishings.com, we have always celebrated innovative design that pushes the boundaries of traditional decor. Today, we spotlight a brand that embodies this ethos in the realm of timekeeping: Qlock Two. Combining minimalist design, exceptional craftsmanship, and a novel approach to displaying time, Qlock Two transforms timekeeping into an art form.

A New Dimension in Timekeeping

Timepieces have evolved significantly over the centuries, from the humble sundial to mechanical clocks, digital clocks, and now to the world of Qlock Two. Breaking away from the conventional analog and digital displays, Qlock Two has introduced a unique textual time display concept, setting a new paradigm in the field of horology.

Qlock Two Black

Qlock Two: The Brand Story

Founded by designers Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, Qlock Two represents the intersection of design, technology, and functionality. Their innovative approach replaces the traditional hands or digits of a clock with a matrix of letters, spelling out time in words. This fusion of design and technology breathes a fresh perspective into timekeeping.

The Design Aesthetic: Minimalism Meets Function

Qlock Two’s design aesthetics align perfectly with the modern minimalist decor trend. With a square shape, clean lines, and absence of visible branding, the clocks complement any interior design. The front face of the clock, a grid of uniform letters, is an eye-catching piece of decor even before it lights up to reveal the time.

Qlock Two Black


Beyond Time: Qlock Two’s Typographic Display

The highlight of Qlock Two clocks lies in their unique typographic time display. Instead of numbers or ticking hands, these clocks display time in words, lit up against the grid of letters. This innovative approach, coupled with the simple design, makes Qlock Two clocks much more than time-telling devices – they are pieces of functional art.

The Range of Qlock Two Clocks

Qlock Two offers a range of clocks, varying in size, color, and language. Whether you opt for a Classic, Large, or Touch model, each brings the same unique blend of design and technology to your space. Further customization is available with interchangeable front covers in different colors and materials, from stainless steel to gold.

Qlock Two Watch

Experience Time with Qlock Two

Qlock Two offers a unique experience, making the passage of time a moment of pleasure. Every five minutes, you’re presented with a new sentence, a new arrangement of words – a dynamic piece of illuminated text art that tells the time.

The Magic of Illumination

The Qlock Two clock’s illumination adjusts automatically to ambient light, ensuring optimal readability. When night falls, a light sensor enables a "night touch mode" where the clock can be "read" by touch - a subtle, yet functional design detail that adds to the Qlock Two experience.

Qlock Two: Timeless Masterpiece

Investing in a Qlock Two clock is investing in a timeless piece of design. The blend of minimalistic aesthetics, innovative technology, and premium craftsmanship ensure these clocks remain a stylish addition to your home for years to come.

Qlock Two Gold


Qlock Two pushes the boundaries of traditional timekeeping, transforming a functional tool into an artistic decor element. Each clock embodies the brand's innovative spirit, minimalistic design, and quality craftsmanship, promising a unique time-reading experience.

Explore the range of Qlock Two clocks at ModernFurnishings.com and introduce an artwork that tells more than just time. It's time to view time differently, it's time for Qlock Two.

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