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BDI's visionary approach to furniture design is rooted in the concept of "seamless technology integration." This idea represents the perfect blend of high-tech functionality and streamlined aesthetics, ensuring that practicality and style go hand in hand without compromise.

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      BDI Furniture USA is a leading provider of high-quality, modern furniture for the home and office. With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, BDI Furniture offers something for every taste and budget.

      One of the key strengths of BDI Furniture is their commitment to using only the best materials in their products. All of their pieces are constructed using the finest woods, metals, and other materials, ensuring that they are built to last and look great for years to come.

      In addition to their exceptional materials, BDI Furniture is also known for their innovative designs. They offer a wide range of furniture pieces that are both functional and stylish, including media consoles, home office desks, dining tables, and more. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern design or something more traditional, BDI Furniture has something to suit your needs.

      Another great thing about BDI Furniture is their commitment to customer service. They understand that buying furniture can be a daunting task, which is why they offer a wide range of services to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. From free design consultations to professional delivery and setup, BDI Furniture is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

      Overall, if you are looking for high-quality, modern furniture that is built to last, BDI Furniture USA is a perfect choice. With their commitment to using the finest materials and their innovative designs, they are sure to have something that you will love.

      In modern furnishings, utility and visual appeal share equal responsibility and importance. With BDI furniture, no piece is without the most useful amenities and features, and no convenience detracts from the exquisite design and aesthetic.


      Designers have personal tastes, just like everyone else. While some prefer style over substance, others pay more mind to functionality. For BDI, the goal of seamlessly merging those preferences has been the company’s inspiration and mission from the start.


      Bill Becker started Becker Designed Inc. in 1984, making occasional tables with a tasteful modern flair. The company has grown steadily since, and with the advent of certain technologies came thoughtfully designed home theatre furniture, shelving units, and office desks. A brand known for sophisticated pieces using high-quality materials, BDI has consistently sought to improve function while still enhancing appearance.


      BDI TV stands served as one of the company’s early success stories, with beautiful entertainment centers that were highly functional. Recent years have seen more and more tech-friendly office furnishings, as BDI caters to modern entrepreneurs who want workspaces that are serviceable and sleek.




      A pillar of the BDI mission is to constantly improve, and impeccable attention to detail shows that the motto is alive and well in each piece. The Corridor Home Theater Cabinet illustrates how BDI media furniture brings exceptional material into the versatile design. Satin-etched glass and solid walnut give the cabinet a striking appearance, while adjustable shelves, built-in cable management ledges, and removable back panels make the Corridor impressively adaptable.


      For the modern office, BDI furniture meets virtually every need through incredibly understated and compact designs. The Sequel Desk fits into the smallest of spaces, and yet the minimalist frame includes a keyboard drawer, an electronics charging station, and magnetically attached panels. One can also opt for the Stance Standing Desk, featuring a digitally controlled height-adjustable mechanism.


      From the office to the home theatre to the living room, BDI furniture incorporates elegant design into every inch while simultaneously ensuring that no piece is without a clear and useful purpose.




      BDI takes its role as a leader in high-end furniture design seriously. The company works to minimize the waste in its packaging, uses sustainably sourced wood, and builds durable pieces that can last years without needing a replacement or upgrade. Every item produced by Becker and his team is a labor of love, made with the sincere intention of improving a person’s day-to-day life.


      As modernity necessitates improved functionality, BDI will be the first to act. As styles adapt to improvements in utility, BDI will be on the frontline of those changes. And as industries adjust to a changing environment, BDI plans to stay a few steps ahead.