Innovative furniture


BDI's visionary approach to furniture design is rooted in the concept of "seamless technology integration." This idea represents the perfect blend of high-tech functionality and streamlined aesthetics, ensuring that practicality and style go hand in hand without compromise.


      The BDI Corridor Collection combines beauty with functionality in a manner that enhances any living space. This award-winning series is noted for its distinctive louvered doors, crafted from solid hardwood, which not only provide a visually intriguing texture but also discreetly conceal the contents. The use of satin-etched glass tops adds a sleek, modern touch while being highly durable and resistant to fingerprints. Each piece in the collection is designed with attention to detail and user-friendly features, making it not just furniture, but a sophisticated and practical addition to your home.

      Highlights of the BDI Corridor Collection:

      • Elegant Design: Louvered doors and satin-etched glass combine for a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.
      • Practical Features: Integrated cable management, adjustable shelves, and ventilated components ensure functionality equals form.
      • Durable Materials: High-quality materials are selected for durability and longevity, standing up to daily use while maintaining their appeal.
      • Versatile Styling: Pieces in the collection easily adapt to various room settings, from the living room to the home office.

      Designed to integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle, the Corridor Collection by BDI offers a sophisticated way to stay organized and stylish. Whether you're furnishing a living room, office, or media room, this collection promises not only to meet but to exceed your expectations with its thoughtful engineering and striking appearance.