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Vestaboard: The Perfect Blend of Vintage Charm and Modern Technology

Welcome back to, where we're passionate about bringing you unique design trends that blend form, function, and a little dash of nostalgia. Today, we're diving into the world of Vestaboard, a brand that marries the old-world charm of split-flap displays with the cutting-edge technology of the modern era.

Vestaboard: A Nod to the Past, A Leap into the Future

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about the clattering noise of split-flap displays, an echo from the past when these boards were common in railway stations, displaying arrivals and departures. Vestaboard has brought this vintage charm back to life, combining it with the convenience of modern technology to offer an extraordinary communication device for homes and businesses.

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The Birth of Vestaboard

Vestaboard was born out of a desire to create a tangible, engaging way of displaying digital content. Founded by Dorrian Porter, Vestaboard takes the beauty and nostalgia of old split-flap displays and marries it with the convenience of smartphone technology, giving you a message board that combines the best of both worlds.

Unveiling the Vestaboard

Vestaboard's key offering is its Smart Messaging Display — a grid of miniature split-flaps that you can control from your smartphone. Each flap can display a letter, number, or symbol, allowing you to craft messages, show updates, or display inspirational quotes. The display is both a communication tool and a dynamic piece of decor that adds character and charm to any space.

Design & Aesthetics: A Marriage of Old and New

In design, Vestaboard strikes a perfect balance between vintage charm and modern elegance. The split-flap design pays homage to a bygone era while the sleek frame and high-quality materials ensure it fits seamlessly into modern decor. With its engaging display and captivating movement and sound, a Vestaboard turns any message into a memorable, sensory experience.

Integrations & Connectivity: Power at Your Fingertips

Vestaboard connects to your devices via Wi-Fi, allowing you to control and change the display from anywhere. With its dedicated app available on iOS and Android, you can instantly send messages, quotes, or updates to your Vestaboard. It's also compatible with various apps and platforms, enabling you to display calendar events, social media updates, or even real-time business metrics.

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Experience the Magic of Vestaboard

Operating the Vestaboard is an experience in itself. The process of crafting a message, sending it to the board, and then watching as the flaps spin and clatter into place brings communication to life in a way that few modern devices can replicate. Whether you're sharing a daily quote, a special announcement, or a simple welcome message, Vestaboard makes it magical.

A Tool for Business and Pleasure

Vestaboard isn't just a communication device; it's also a tool for engagement. In a business setting, it can display key performance indicators, motivational quotes, or welcome messages. At home, it can serve as a dynamic noticeboard, an educational tool for kids, or a platform for sharing inspiring daily thoughts. The possibilities are endless.



Investing in a Vestaboard

When you choose to invest in a Vestaboard, you're not just buying a display board. You're buying a piece of design history, a tool for communication, and a dynamic piece of home decor. You're also investing in a philosophy that believes in the beauty of retro design and the power of modern technology.


In the realm of communication tools, Vestaboard stands out as a shining example

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