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ClockClock 24 is both a kinetic sculpture and a functioning wall clock. It has been a signature piece of Humans since 1982 since it was first launched in 2015.

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QLOCKTWO has established itself as a leader in the industry, renowned for its commitment to outstanding artisanship and its unique interpretation of time-keeping.


      Modern Timekeepers: The Ultimate Wall Clock Collection
      Discover elegance, innovation, and artistry with our exclusive collection of wall clocks at ModernFurnishings.com. This curated selection includes the mesmerizing ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982, the dynamic Solstice Kinetic Timepiece by Animaro, the minimalist Vestaboard, and the precision-driven ClockTwo. Each piece in our collection not only serves the practical purpose of timekeeping but also transcends into the realm of kinetic art, adding a statement to any room they adorn.

      ClockClock 24 by Humans Since 1982 is where modern technology meets intricate artistry, presenting time in an array of synchronized movements that captivate and intrigue.

      Solstice Kinetic Timepiece by Animaro transforms the passage of time into a moving sculpture, echoing the natural movement of the sun with its elegantly changing form.

      Vestaboard reimagines the mechanical split-flap display for the modern home, offering a unique way to display time, messages, and art with its flipping character tiles.

      ClockTwo brings precision to minimalism, displaying time in a format that blends seamlessly with contemporary decor, emphasizing clarity and simplicity.

      Whether you're seeking the hypnotic allure of kinetic art or the sleek charm of minimalist design, our collection promises to elevate your space with functionality and unparalleled style.

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