Himolla Aura Reliner

with Hidden Head Reast


Enjoy Our Exclusive Brands from Himolla, Conform and American Leather.

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      The State of Relaxation, The Modern Recliner

      It's a popular destination amongst the living room, bedroom, and office dwellers and their guests... Enjoy being in a state of relaxation and making use of the various ergonomic perks that lounge chairs offer. Set the style of your modern living room and take your pick from our premium collection of mid-century, modern, and contemporary pieces alike from the designer modern recliner and lounge chairs with ottomans and chaises to swivel and rock features. When you have the moment to relax and spend some quality time with your family or need to provide a comfortable lounge chair for clients in a waiting area, you want to own the most suitable option in your space of choice. Modern Studio offers various lounge chairs to complement your design and lifestyle needs.