Soho Concept




      SohoConcept | True European Design

      Founded in 2001, sohoConcept has been serving its trusting customers with a sustainable and innovative design approach, while maintaining distribution points across the US and Canada. SohoConcept's collection includes a wide variety of contemporary products suitable for contract or residential projects of any size.
      Each piece of furniture, bearing the sohoConcept name, is born from a focus on the essentials: long-term durability and high quality translated into a clean-lined form language. SohoConcept's comprehensive furnishing systems are designed to fit in a myriad of situations ranging from public spaces to offices, as well as homes.
      This business model grants sohoConcept cutting edge competitiveness in quality and value and consequently promotes customer satisfaction. sohoConcept is committed to providing both fashion and comfort while managing a high stock system with reasonable pricing.

      Why do we LOVE sohoConcept?
      Modern Studio is a proud distributor of sohoConcept products since 2008. We absolutely love everything in their collection and our clients love them too! They offer hundreds of colors and different types of materials for both residential and commercial use. Their flexible production system makes it possible for clients to use their own material (COM) in their projects. They offer a wide variety of products in different categories such as: