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      Why We Love Extension Dining Tables

      Extension dining tables are versatile additions to your dining space. They add flexibility to your dining table size and seating, allowing you to expand the tables to accommodate more guests. As a result, a dining room table with an extension is ideal for individuals who entertain frequently. Your dinner parties will suddenly be more comfortable with ample seating for your guests. Likewise, if you have a large family, these versatile tables ensure that there's room for everyone around the table for holidays and other celebrations.

      Where Extension Tables Work Best

      Extension dining tables work best in both formal and casual dining spaces in your room. Since these dining tables expand to a larger size via a leaf insert, you'll need ample space in your room to accommodate the larger table. Most notably, these tables work well in formal dining rooms, where they are equipped to entertain a large crowd. If you have a spacious breakfast nook or ample room in your kitchen for a large table, they work well in this space as well, offering a comfortable spot to dine in the gathering spot of your house.

      A Modern Extension Dining Table for Every Style

      Extension dining tables are designed to offer ample seating in your home, and they come in an array of styles. Research the different table styles to find the right one for your home. For example, Calligaris designs many of these dining tables, which are constructed of both wood and metal. These spacious tables sit atop four straight legs, crisscrossed legs, and pedestal bases, so check out the many designs available. Huppes Extension Dining tables can seat 8 to 10 guests comfortably and come in several finishes, including gray oak, walnut, and lacquer. Finally, The Ozzio Italia collection of tables sits on sturdy wood frames and showcases a variety of design features, from intricately carved legs and multiple leaves that can seat up to 12 guests.

      How to Choose the Best Extension Dining Tables

      Finding the right extension dining table for your home depends on your design preferences and seating needs. First, consider how many people you want to seat at this spacious dining table. With the extensions included, these tables can seat from 8 to 12 people comfortably, so think about your guest seating needs. Next, explore the different finishes and constructions of these tables. Do you desire an all-wood piece or one with metallic accents? Also, consider the shape of the table and think about what shape best suits your space. You can choose a rectangular or round extension dining table, for instance. By exploring the unique features of these extension dining tables, you can discover the right one to create the perfect entertaining space for your home. If you have any questions about the extendable dining tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at 949.376.0103

      Other Considerations

      Once you have selected the right extension dining table for your space, explore other items that can enhance this room. A pair of Dining Room Chairs provide comfortable seating, giving your guests a spot to dine at your new table. Infuse your dining room with color and intrigue by exploring the selection of large area rugs, which add another layer of dimension and decor to your space. Finally, you can complete the look of your space with dining room lighting, which ranges from sparkling ceiling-mounted chandeliers to wall sconces that add ambiance and layered lighting to your room.