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      The Value in Modern Sectional Sofas

      With the variety of architecture in today's apartments, condo's and homes, it's important to consider the best seating arrangement for your living room and lifestyle. Modern sectional sofas are an all-in-one option for those who want to condense their furniture arrangement and avoid the extra cost involved in the purchase of sole sofa seating. If your home houses a few people or you are keen on hosting several guests, custom lounging, and the idea of saving space, you will enjoy the versatility and configuration options provided by sectional sofas.

      When it comes to moving sofas, you will find it more challenging to move a solid piece of furniture versus a piece that can be divided. During Spring cleaning and re-decorating, your sectional will be one of the safer furnishings to maneuver because you can lighten the load by separating each component. Not to mention moving by components also means you have a better chance of transporting the sectional through a narrow passage.

      Modern Sectional Designs

      There is a wide variety of sectionals for outdoor and indoor spaces to accommodate your style preference in common colors such as black, grey, and white as well as vibrant colors. To overcome the challenge of furnishing an odd-shaped room, YLighting provides sectional sofas in the following forms: L-shape, horseshoe, and rectangle.

      L-shape Sectional: When one of your only options is to place a sofa in a corner, the L-shape sectional is a convenient choice. You can make the most out of your space by selecting an L-shape sectional that will offer the corner seating you wouldn't get with a standard sofa. If the long side of the room is taken up by a fireplace or patio door, you can place the short side of the sectional against the perpendicular wall of your choice, while the long side extends away from the wall. To add to the number of seats or to enhance your lounging experience, you can add components to the configuration, such as a chair or a chaise.

      Horseshoe Sectional: A grandeur sectional such as the horseshoe will add a touch of character to your living space. Thanks to the u-shape form, the intimate face-to-face seating arrangement is a perfect conversation starter. Entertaining becomes a breeze with the communal sectional.

      Rectangular Sectional: Small spaces benefit from the linear design of rectangular sectionals while offering custom seating components. The simple form of small sectional sofas also offers stylish yet convenient options such as an ottoman, recliner, sleeper, chaise, or coffee table. In the event that extra space is available, two custom rectangle sectionals can be placed in their optimal position in a living space.