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Arditi Design

 is an exclusive designer and producer of luxury handmade furniture.

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      Arditi Design is an exclusive designer and producer of luxury handmade furniture based in Florida (USA) and has branches in Toronto (Canada), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Sydney (Australia).

      We design and produce handmade, high-end, custom-made luxury furniture from the best-selected woods (Walnut, Olive, Ash, Silverberry, Hackberry, Chestnut, Oak...).

      Our team will design your dreams. We can make custom-designed tables, buffets, TV units, doors, desks, beds, chairs, wall decor, lights, and other decorative objects in all sizes, materials, and colors on demand.

      Our company`s designs are exclusively created by the Arditi professional design team, as customers requested.

      Arditi Design's exclusive furniture is designed according to the customer's taste, From classic to modern, to meet your demands.

      Arditi Design`s unique works welcome all custom sizes and colors for clients` living spaces and commercial projects.

      Above all else, the spirit of the wood, which creates the brand's philosophy, inspires our great works.


      Sami ARDITI