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      Modern Studio Furnishings is proud to present its latest offerings in the category of custom sofas. In Orange County, where many trend-setting figures reside, custom furniture has been all the rage, found in many luxury and celebrity homes. As a way of showcasing one's unique taste and aesthetics, custom furniture is the way to go when you've got to have only the best for your home.

      Custom Sectionals and Sofas

      One of the first things that homeowners shop for, the sofa is the undisputed must-have furniture piece in any living room. While it's the most basic piece of furniture to own, it doesn't necessarily mean its design and functionality are basic as well. In fact, custom sofas in the market are changing the way interior designers decorate living spaces.

      Not so long ago, there were fewer considerations in choosing the perfect sofa. This was because sofas could easily be spruced up with pillows and new cushions. Now, more thought is put into this permanent furniture item, as there are also more factors to consider when choosing the best sofa for one's needs. From height, length, and depth, to the intricate details of the legs and sofa frame, custom sectionals and sofas offer homeowners a variety of ways to beautify their living room.

      Modern Studio Furnishings

      Here at Modern Studio Furnishings, we are one with our clients in celebrating their personal style, building them beautiful, quality custom sofas. In Orange County, where some of the grandest home designs can be found—think magazine covers—our custom furniture offerings combine extraordinary comfort and unlimited creative possibilities.

      Apart from being able to choose your own style, color, and fabric for your sofa, you can also choose its size, fabric pattern and texture, trim, treatment, and other special details you may have in mind. This gives you all the room you need to let your creative mind run free; and we'll be there to bring that vision into reality.

      We are proud to be a family-owned company providing exceptional service and world-class furniture to customers for over a decade and counting. Our flagship store is in Laguna Beach, and all of our custom furniture, including custom sectionals and sofas, are manufactured here in Southern California.

      For inquiries about our custom sofas in Orange County, or if you'd like assistance in designing the sofa of your dreams—a custom sofa that is as original as you are—please do not hesitate to contact us at (949) 376-0103; we'd be glad to hear from you!