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      About Cerno:  At Cerno, our passion for design and manufacturing is fueled by a shared belief in the infinite power of human creativity. We love to design and build modern lighting fixtures that celebrate the inventive minds and industrious hands that brought them to life. From conceptualization to completion, every step of the process is intoxicating - it's like an artist's final stroke or a mechanic repairing the seemingly irreparable.

      Our values are rooted in our heritage, growing up in Laguna Beach, California's creative culture and natural environment. We believe that anything that does not exist can exist, and this mentality has been proven time and time again by our parents, grandparents, and friends. Our late grandfather, Steve, who grew up on a rural homestead, influenced us all with his "where there's a will, there's a way" mentality. Today, we share this mentality with the rest of the Cerno team.

      Cerno also offers custom design services for larger projects that meet our originality and minimum volume requirements. Our team of engineers, designers, and skilled craftspeople have executed countless custom projects and are always excited to work with designers, architects, specifiers, and individuals looking for innovative design solutions.

      Discover our modern lighting fixtures, and let us bring your vision to life.