Office Storage


      How to Choose the Best Office Storage

      Choosing furniture for any room requires paying careful attention to the layout and design of the room. You have to determine where to position the desk, any office storage, shelving (if you have the space) and what kind of chair will most appropriately fit in the area. With an oversized desk or storage shelves just too big, you'll wind up with an uncomfortable working environment. Before selecting new office furniture, measure the exact space where you will place the pieces to know what sizes you can work with. Be mindful of dimensions like width, length, and height (taller desks will require taller task chairs, etc.). You can also refine your options with the colors and finishes that will blend seamlessly with your existing decor. If you favor cohesion in your workspace, consider shopping desks and chairs from the same designer. If you have any questions about the office furniture featured here, please call our furniture experts at 949.376.0103