Ozzio Italia


      Ozzio Italia is an innovative company specializing in creating multi-functional, transformable furniture that maximizes small spaces. Founded in the 1960s by the Pozzoli Group, Ozzio Italia has built a respected reputation for producing exquisite and innovative furniture that makes people's lives easier, both in Italy and internationally.

      Ozzio Italia's extensive collection includes tables, chairs, desks, and sideboards with more than meets the eye. Many of their tables can be extended from a small two-person version to one that can accommodate up to twelve people, making them perfect for dinner parties and other social events. Additionally, their coffee tables can transform into dining tables with built-in benches, providing a practical and elegant solution for small spaces.

      Not only are Ozzio's products functional, but they are also visually stunning. Many of their items feature sculptural elements and playful use of dimensions and geometry, making them eye-catching pieces of furniture that elevate any space. Furthermore, customers can choose from various materials to create a unique and personalized look, as Ozzio only uses the best quality materials to ensure that their furniture is sustainable and long-lasting.

      Experience the innovation and beauty of Ozzio Italia's furniture collection and discover how their transformable products can maximize your small space. Shop their collection today and elevate your home with practical and exquisite furniture pieces.